Poker Tournament Tips From The Pros Poker Book

Poker is America’s national card game and its popularity has grown far and large. You can play poker at home with buddies and colleagues, play poker in clubs and casinos or if that is not feasible you can also try playing on internet at different poker sites.

If you are new to poker and want to learn, you can go for some good poker books and guides. The book is a great way to get acquainted with poker basics and to learn about playing rules. Many books on poker have been written and have proved successful in helping people about poker. A very good book on poker tournaments is Poker Tournament Tips from the Pros.

Written specially for the beginners, Poker Tournament Tips from the Pros contains blended wisdom with wit that has been able to make it a master-piece. Shane Smith, the author of the book, has employed clear language in explaining basic tips to win poker tournaments, strategies to enhance your performance and to avoid twenty six tournament traps.

It is an invaluable resource, giving you the advice of poker players, theorists, tournament winners and authors. This book provides with you with the strategies for winning poker tournaments which are low-limit.

The opinions of some celebrated poker players like Doyle Brunson, Bob Ciaffone, Mike Caro and T. J. Cloutier are included in the crisply-written book. First printed in 1990 Poker Tournament Tips have been the best-selling books of its types.

Owing to growing need to involve more and better strategies, this book even got revised in 2001.

Written completely from a novice point of view, the book contains basic ideas on how to play poker. This means that if you already have a firm foot over the game this book is not meant for you. However, for someone who is absolutely new to the realm of poker, Poker Tournament Tips from the Pros is an excellent guide. One more thing to be noticed is that the subtitle is “how to win low-limit poker”. The keyword “low-limit” emphasizes that it is not meant for high rollers.

Of course, if you were looking for specific tournament tactics you will be disappointed. Some critics of the book have called the content within it as “nothing more than a mere common sense” and have claimed that it is simply useless! Some say that it is very poorly written claiming that the format of the book resembles that of a sickening high school rally which says “keep trying, you can do it”. Useless bather and no real content for sharpening your poker skills, this book just enlists a vague advice. It is mostly a cluster of quotes of poker luminaries from different books and magazines. I am sure that the author might not have consulted these eminent people individually to take their valuable advice. Though freeze-outs are mentioned but they are far away from discussion.

If anyone finds Poker Tournament Tips from the Pros insightful rather than a “duh” thing should take it as an indicator that his poker techniques are still not ripe enough to be displayed at high level poker tournaments.