Play the Maple Story for Free!

Not all gamers are men. Some are women too who loves to fight and do role-playing at the same time. Thanks to the games like the Maple Story, people can create a virtual character that would represent them in the game. Maple Story is free-to-play game online that can be played by massively multiplayer all at the same time. It is developed by a South Korean-based gaming company called Wizet. As of now, there are already 10 million players all over the world who are into this game.

Although there is no charge for playing the game, the Maple Story Guide will tell you how much the items are which can be purchased at the game’s Cash Shop. Players must use their real money in order to get the item that they want for their character. Each item and weapons would add certain amount of health or strength so that they can fight against the monsters in the Maple World. Every time that they defeat a monster, the experience, skills, and abilities of the characters will increase. There are also times that a monster would drop an item or two which the player can use or sell or earn more in-game money.

When it comes to interaction, numerous players can chat or trade items to any player in real time. They can even form a small group or a guild to defeat bigger and stronger monsters. All of the players within the group will get to fairly share the increase in skill and experience points. Quests can also be done individually or by group depending on which quest you want to try. As long as you get to finish a quest or two, you can be sure that there will be rewards for your hard work other than the experience.