Perhaps slot machines will help me

I had gone through a terrible virus six months ago. While I was over the worst of it now, I was left with some neurological complications that really irritated me. One doctor after the next told me they were nothing to worry about – just after effects of the virus – but when your body spasms and twitches, it’s no fun. My husband told me to play slot machines to try and take my mind off it. He knew I enjoyed slot machines but right now I did not want to do anything. Still, I agreed to see how slot machines might help – I had nothing better to do.

My body is improving thanks to slot machines

I went one Sunday morning to play slot machine games. As I arrived, my fingers started involuntarily moving. But after about three hours on the slot machines I suddenly realized my body hadn’t experienced one spasm or twitch the entire time of me playing. The spasms were leaving and I was having a good time. It was then I started wondering, cold the slot machines be helping my body? I was so grateful I had started playing the slot machines.