Personal Choice about Most Popular Slot Machines

After having followed some poor gamblers around for every evening over the past two weeks, I can officially say that I am now an expert into the consumer behavioral trends of gamblers at Online Casinos. For this sociology course I had to find out what makes the most popular slot machines. I had a good time while I stalked out people at the local casino in order to find this out. What I can conclude is that there is no one or two most popular slot machines. Of the 120 slot machines at the casino, every one interviewed had a specific reason as to why they thought their slot machine was the most popular.

Some Interesting Reasons For Most Popular Slot Machines

Here are some of the more classic quotes as to why someone thought theirs was one of the most popular slot machines:

“I am short and this machine has a lever that I can reach.”

“I have won several times on this slot machine, and it gives me good luck”

“This slot machine reminds me of my wife.”

“The Apex slot machine is THE machine because it is here that I met my boyfriend”